Professional Weatherboard House Builders

Weatherboard homes have recently become very popular due to the many pros that it has. There are also many Australians that simple like the classic look of this style and prefer to build their homes using this material.

Weatherboard houses exploded in popularity in the 1850’s. With the introduction with steam saw miles in cities meant that not only was timber weatheboards available but they were also very cheap, efficient to transport, and easy to install. In the 1980’s timber was not favoured due to the constant repairs and maintenance due to the timber reacting to the environment around it. Paint would start to peel off and mould would sometimes form to make it a difficult material to maintain. During this time, fiber cement weatherboards began to pick up in popularity as they were impervious to wear and tear. This increased the long term durability of the material and made it widespread in the industry. Then from the 1890’s many of the weatherboard homes in Australia were actually kit homes. Todays, weather board homes have become an iconic representation of Australia and more specifically Sydney’s heritage.

There are two main types, which are Scyon Linea which is 16mm thick and back bevelled to sit flush with the stud or Primeline which is 9mm thick and features the hardilock fixing system allowing each spline to be fitted over the lower board and locked into place.

Another consideration is that timber and fiber boards differ visually in appearance. However the difference is not that great which is why most people choose the newer fiber cement material which proves to be a capable of lasting longer with less maintenance. There are even variations of fiber cement which have the same profiles as timber and also woodgrain patterns to mimic the timber appearance.

You still see many homes using this technique and more important it has come back to popularity. Due to the cost effectiveness and the resistant to Sydney’s harsh weather, weatherboards are still a popular choice for most home goers. They are durable and flexible for anyone wanting to renovate or even build from scratch.

Our team of house builders love to hear your ideas and will work closely with you to make your ideas into reality. Whether you choose this style for the cost-effectiveness or the stylistic approach, our experts will give you advice on exactly what is needed to achieve your goal.