What is a Shopfitter?

A shopfitter is a trade where an individual is responsible for building and structuring retail shops, commercial offices, restaurants, cafes, or any business that it’s primary function is to serve customers. This often requires special skill sets because you have to remove the convention thinking of building a residential home and focus more on the efficiency of structuring an office to meet the needs of its employees and customers.


At the beginning of most projects, the shop fitter will sit with the client and discuss the main requirements of the fit out. One of the main reasons for redeveloping a fit out is not only for aesthetic purposes but to organise to work space in an efficient manner. The builder will discuss what is needed in the shopfitting area, choose which equipment to have close to each, and where the customers will be served from. All this takes into consideration of the overall design of the commercial shop. The shopfitter needs to determine what is needed to provide the most efficient and comfortable workplace for both customer and employee. OH and S is also a concern during this stage as the builder needs to account for Repetitive Strain Injury’s that may be an issue if the shop isn’t properly configured. 

Next the builder takes into account all the variables and starts building the structure of the shop. The builder will be primarily focused on which direction the customer will enter and what the customer will see. A good shopfitting will focus on the customer and the overall experience that he or she may receive when entering a store. Sometimes these intrinsic properties may influence a customer buying habbits and overall increase the ROI for a business. The customer will need to feel excited about entering a shop and will in turn entice other customers to do the same.  

Once a build is complete, the builder might suggest different furniture that will complete the final look. Such things as tables, chairs, carpet, lighting will all play a role on the overall finish of a fitout. The builder will need to work closely with the client to decide on the theme. Once this is decided the builder will installed everything that is needed and final approval is received from the client.

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