The steps to find the best custom home builders in Sydney

The most vital part of the construction process is not the construction, but rather the planning and preparation. Once you come to terms with this, you will realise more positive results choosing the best custom home builders. Whenever taking on a multistep-step project, there is always the risk of something going wrong. Choosing the best builder can eliminate this issue and help you reach your goals efficiently and effectively.


Before contacting Sydney home builders you need to create a plan, which will save you time and money. It costs nothing to create an advance plan, and it causes no delays. When it comes time to tender and implement the plan, you can work at more relaxed pace. It also relieves stress when you know exactly what is going to happen and when.

Your next task is to create a dream-home notebook. This notebook will contain your personal thoughts and observations related to what you want for your home. This can later change to a photo album, a three-ring binder, or a word processing file. The point is to keep your thoughts organised, maintained, and updated so they can be later implemented into your building plan. Choose a format you feel most comfortable working with because it will be a tool used often throughout the building process.

Following that, you have to set up a system to prepare for all the paperwork you are going to accumulate throughout the process. Because each step of the development generates its own set of documents, you will want to be prepared in advance. You do not want to lose crucial documents you will need later. A typical construction project will generate enough paperwork to fill a portable file carrier, the kind that latches closed and can be carried with you. Here are some suggestions for file tabs:

  • Homes plans and design
  • Correspondence with contractors
  • Contracts
  • Bank documents
  • Invoices paid
  • Purchasing of property
  • Materials spec sheet
  • Permits
  • Warranties

Once this has been prepared you are now ready to contact different builders. Before any builder is able to give you a quote, you will need to provide them with your requirements and a draft of what you want to build. These drafts can usually be done by architectural draftsman to get a better idea of layout of the build. Each builder will look at the requirement and quote based on the materials needed, the amount of hours to be taken, and any specialised equipment that may be needed for the job. Look through each quote carefully and compare what each builder has written. Also ask if you can take a look at similar designs that they have previously worked on before.

Our team of Sydney experts are happy to assist with your inquiry whether it’s a small renovation or a complete new home build. Our licensed Sydney builders will provide you with honest reliable information that is backed up with years of experience. Visit our Sydney house builder page for more information.